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Demonstration farm workshop in Bonn, Germany on 24-25 May 2016

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Strawberries are among the plants that can be affected by mites. Photo: Colourbox

2016.05.26 | Research news

Uncovering the secret life of mites

Berry bushes and azalea are among the numerous crops targeted by mites. Scientists from four different European countries are collaborating to learn more about these tiny and elusive species.

Scientists from Germany, Denmark and Spain are collaborating on a project that seeks to design and customise an innovative online decision support system for weed control in maize and winter wheat. Photo: Janne Hansen

2016.05.18 | Research news

Intelligent weed control can reduce herbicide use

Scientists from three different European countries are collaborating to develop an improved decision support system to help farmers control weeds in maize and winter wheat, taking local conditions into regard.

Wireworms are bad news for crops such as potatoes but can be difficult to control. Photo: Katharina Wechselberger

2016.05.12 | Research news

Making wireworm behaviour easier to predict

Wireworms are masters at disappearing deeper into the dark depths of the soil when conditions call for it, making it difficult to control them. A new European project aims to learn more about wireworms in order to successfully predict when they can best be controlled.

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What is IPM?

IPM stands for ‘integrated pest management’ which means careful consideration of all available plant protection methods and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of populations of harmful organisms and keep the use of plant protection products and other forms of intervention to levels that are economically and ecologically justified and reduce or minimise risks to human health and the environment.

Integrated pest management emphasises the growth of a healthy crop with the least possible disruption to agro-ecosystems and encourages natural pest control mechanisms.

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Wed 01 Jun
09:00-17:00 | Brussels - Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the European Union Rue de la Loi 227, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Workshop: Stakeholder dialogue to foster investment in agriculture and IPM strategies
The project EMPHASIS is hosting a workshop on "Stakeholder dialogue to foster investment in agriculture and IPM strategies" on June 1 2016 in Brussels.
Mon 04 Jul
08:15-16:15 | Radzikow, Poland
Workshop: Breeding for IPM in sustainable, low-input agriculture systems
The contribution of plant breeding to integrated pest management (IPM) and the implementation of sustainable farming systems using low inputs of pesticides will be the main focus of the agenda.

What is ERA net?

ERA-NET stands for European Research Area Network. It is a scheme that promotes the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at the national or regional level in the EU Member States and Associated States.

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